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  • NavarroVives-Abstraccion-geometrica

Josep Navarro and his luminous movement

This artist has no desire to create definitive, complete works but changing ones that invite the spectator to engage with them and help shape their [...]

  • coleccion-bassat-navarro-vives

Josep Navarro Vives in the Bassat Collection

Colección Bassat. Cuatro décadas cincuenta artistas 1940-1979 [The Bassat Collection: 1940-1979, Four Decades, Fifty Artists] features 93 artworks from the exclusive Bassat Collection. The fascinating [...]

  • Josep-navarro-vives-op-art-abstracción-geometrica

Geometric Abstraction and Kinetic Art: A New Pictorial Challenge to Art Informel

Several years of abstraction and art informel eventually gave way to a desire for alternative forms to reflect the new social situation and make art [...]

  • navarro-pintor-constructivista

Castell de Benedormiens hosts “Arte cinético y constructivista” until 14 September

“The pieces that Navarro Vives constructed out of cylinders, squares and modular variations of these elements forged a unique vision of prescriptive art which Joan [...]

  • Josep Navarro, Abstraccion geometrica, Barcelona, 1969

The Geometric Abstraction of Josep Navarro Vives

Castell de Benedormiens (Castell-Platja d’Aro, Girona) hosts the exhibition Arte cinético y constructivista [Kinetic and Constructivist Art] featuring the geometric abstract works of Josep Navarro, Alberto Fabra and [...]

  • VideoJosepNavarro

Reason and Emotion in the Work of Josep Navarro Vives

“A long career like that of Navarro Vives, begun more than 50 years ago, lends itself not only to overall assessments but also detailed analyses [...]

  • Josep Navarro Vives-Puertas-Informalismo-abstraccion geometrica

From Formless Matter Painting to Geometric Schematisation

Navarro’s affinity with matter gradually evolved towards an increasingly essential representation. The artist now focused his gaze on other objects in his environment: mail boxes, [...]

  • Josep Navarro Vives-Arte Barcelona-Galeria Barbie

“Evanescencias en el Silencio” according to Ricard Planas

Evanescencias en el Silencio [Evanescences in the Silence], the Josep Navarro Vives show at Barcelona's Galería Manuel Barbié, features the Catalan artist's latest work. Unsettling [...]

  • Josep Navarro-Exposicion Barcelona-Galeria Barbie

“Josep Navarro. Evanescencias en el Silencio” at Galería Manuel Barbié

Josep Navarro exhibits his latest work at Galería Manuel Barbié in Barcelona. Entitled Evanescencias en el Silencio [Evanescences in the Silence], the exhibition features the [...]

  • Puertas-informalismo materico-figuracion

La serie “Puertas”. La complicidad del informalismo matérico con la figuración

La serie Puertas supone la evolución y madurez de Navarro dentro del informalismo. Toma elementos de su entorno, como son las puertas de Barcelona, en [...]