The Navarro Vives Archive authenticates artworks attributed to Josep Navarro Vives and provides certificates of authenticity. These are the only authentications authorized and recognized by the artist.

1.– The Navarro Vives Archive certifies only original works. It does not certify prints, reproductions or dedications.

2.– The Navarro Vives Archive will only issue a certificate of authenticity after having directly examined the work.

3.– You should send the Archive three colour photographs of the work (front and back), printed on paper, measuring 18 x 24 cm. Photographs must be accompanied by an Ektachrome with the colour range or gamut included, or a CD or DVD with a high-resolution digital image (tiff), also with the colour gamut included.

4.– To arrange an examination of a work, you should request an appointment with the Archive by sending a letter or e-mail to:

Please write and submit documentation to:
Archivo Navarro Vives